Saturday, September 22, 2012

A little bit of catching up...

Theme song for my trip with Michelle: Lady in Spain - Ingrid Michaelson

Hello from Paris! Now that I've been in Europe for two weeks, I finally have a blog up and running... Hmm, seems like I missed a lot. My time here has been such a blur. I've been trying to cram in so many things, and it is just insanity! Well let's start at the beginning... Sister week was definitely a success! We were able to see so many fantastic things in just 7 1/2 days. We went to a different city every day! Oh yeah, and we were in 3 different countries during this time. No big. It was a big undertaking, but we did it and we rocked it. Here's some pictures to share the awesomeness:

The sexiest bathroom on Earth? Yeah, we were confused too. But how could I not use it?

The ultimate question: are we in Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, or Lisbon? We weren't sure either.

The best dang hazelnut gelato in the world! No joke. And they make it pretty. Thank you Lisbon.

And never fear... we found it in Barcelona too. Turns out there's a lot of them in Europe. Thank goodness.

Palacio da Pena. Such a cool palace in Sintra surrounded by beautiful gardens. Loved it.

Looks photoshopped? Definitely not. We found this gem in a square in Lisbon. Too bad it was gone the next morning.

Parc del buen retiro. That park is so beautiful! And not a bad place for a nap. :)

This was def one of the best pictures from this trip. "Hi Pau Gasol."

Montserrat. I loved hiking these beautiful mountains.

Making faces like Gaudi chimneys. Gaudi is THE coolest.

La Sagrada Familia. I am in love with this church. It is so incredible. And check out that intense reflection.

Look at the inside of this masterpiece. Simply amazing. Again, Gaudi is genius.

Fantastic stained glass windows

Sagrada Familia is definitely the most amazing church I have ever been to. Everything about it is so beautiful. There are amazing sculptures on the outside, all depicting parts of the life of Christ. Michelle and I were talking about how different it felt being inside this church compared to other Catholic churches; we could definitely feel God there. We realized it was because the church is completely focused on Christ, no other saints or anything like that. They got it; it really is all about our Heavenly Father and our Savior. Basically, this church rocked my world.

We ended our trip in Paris, so of course a trip to good old Eiffel Tower was necessary.

Well that is an extremely summarized version of our week. It was probably one of the craziest weeks of my life, but it was so much fun! I loved spending all that time with Michelle and experiencing so many new things together. 

I have now been in Paris for a week! I love this city so much. I could totes live here; just need to work on the French a bit. :) I'll try and post again soon to share more of what's been happening here!

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  1. Creeping instead of napping? Terrible idea. Imma nap STAT. But presh blog post! Also I hate you for seeing all the Gaudi stuff. Gaaah.